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Secret Santa 4: Secret Santa and the Goblet of Cocoa

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:30 pm
by Antheia
Again, just about the same as last year, but a new post for clarity's sake.

1. By November 18 email me at with subject line "Secret Santa Info" and the following information.
    a. Your preferred NM alt name (I may ask you if I can use a different one depending on who I assign to you.)
    b. Your RL name and address. Please use perfect grammar and exact address formatting to ensure that your package reaches you. We DID have a problem with a package not reaching someone in 2016, and I'd hate to have it happen again. It's disappointing for both people. Also, I'll do my best to keep people on the same continent together to try to make prices cheaper, but please don't try to send packages (especially international packages) more than twice. Just let me know if it didn't work and I'll apologize to the recipient for you.
    c. Any players you are NOT comfortable with me giving your address to. Be as liberal with this list as you need to be. Your list will be confidential and judgement-free. If you're nervous you might miss someone, you can list out the players you ARE willing to give your address to instead. Just be clear which kind of list you are making.
    d. Any allergies, particular dislikes, etc.
    e. Preferences, favorites, fandoms... whatever information you'd like to share to help your gifter out.
    f. Whether you are able/willing to send packages overseas. Keep in mind that, depending on your gift, you can buy things online (from Etsy for instance) from companies within the same country as your recipient. This will mean you can't handwrite anything to them, but will help a ton with shipping (international shipping to the US is VERY expensive now).

2. By November 21 (Thanksgiving in the US) receive your assigned giftee! Buy or make them a gift. Try to keep it under 15USD. It's okay if it's the type of thing that fits in a letter envelope rather than a package, if you need to keep shipping low.

3. Pack up your gift with a letter revealing who the gifter was (your NM main name, or the one I tell you to use), and anything else you'd like to say. Send it by December 12 if possible.

***These rules are subject to change as concerns are brought up to me.