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Father Christmas 2018

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:28 pm
by Antheia
FC is now out in the gameworld, and will be traveling across the map for the next month. See below for his approximate travel schedule.

Remember, you can greet him with all of your alts, and they will not all get the same gift! If you get a gift your character can't use, you can put it in your locker in the OOC area and pick it up later with another alt.

For Narnian characters: throwing/receiving feasts when Father Christmas is around is traditional in Narnia (like leaving cookies but blown way up in proportion). If you'd like to use this as an excuse to seek him out in a group, or to have a group feast RP, please do!

For Archenland characters: Father Christmas is less of an IC figure, but please feel free to throw feasts and have a yule log (a huge treetrunk fire) in the Anvard Great Hall, and other key locations.

In both countries, the Christmas season is about sharing of resources. The weather is cold and those with little are likely to have even less than usual, so those with much have the opportunity to be extra generous. This means big feasts, bonfires, lots of invitations to spend time together in homes, and more. Unlike in our post Coca-Cola world, it doesn't mean very many extravagant or trivial presents, especially from those who can't afford them. Presents, if given at all, are most likely to be in the form of food, warm clothing, and services. You can look to Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for the closest kind of gift-giving to what we have today: FC does give the Pevensies and the Beavers gifts, but only one or two, and they are gifts that they really need and would be hard-pressed to obtain on their own. The Beavers and the Feasters share what they have, but there's no pressure for them to give beyond their means.

December 10-12: Lantern Waste
December 12-13: Western March (Madderholt/Shuddering Wood)
December 13-14: Lowlands
December 14-15: Bergdale
December 15-16: Carmichael
December 16-17: Lancelyn Green
December 17-18: Chesterton Manor
December 18-19: Coghill
December 19-21: Andale
December 21-23: Great Woods
December 23-25: Sted Cair
December 25-27: Upper Flatlands (Marshes)
December 27-28: Upper Plains
December 28-29: Western Ettinsmoor
December 29-31: Lantern Waste
January 1-2: Upper Plains
January 2-3: Lower Plains
January 3-4: Sted Cair
January 4-5: Great Woods
January 5-6: Andale
January 6-7: Coghill
January 7-8: Lanceyln Green
January 8-9: Carmichael
January 9-10: Bergdale
January 10-11: Wild Card (We'll move him around as people need him!)